About Me

"I" – is the biggest mystery in the universe. Actually its very easy to say I am this.. I am that ...so and so, but its very difficult to explain exactly "Who am I?". Whenever I have sat to write about self, got stuck in some or other point. I don’t know why but its very difficult for me to say anything about myself. After given many thoughts, decided to give and different approach to the content for this website. So took help from one of my very good friends Nupur, she was an ex-colleague of mine and working as a team lead of Public Relation department. Well !! when we used to work together, she used to do face to face interview with many of our colleagues and being the designer there I was doing the layout to publish internally. She used to tell me I want to take one interview of yours, but it never happened. So I asked her to help me in this and she was very much interested. Thanks lot her who spare sometime for me from her busy schedule.

You can find other sections like “ Myself, Profession, Education, Work experience, Hobbies & interest as tab at the bottom of this page.”


Nupur: Sanjat we have worked together many a times for “F2F”. That time you were asking many questions regarding the layout, photos etc. Today after a long time I am doing a Face to Face Session with you. So shall we start?

Me: Yeah sure. Please.

Nupur: So we will start from the brief about your background?
Me: Well !! born and brought up in the small town named Bolangir in Orissa, Now-a-days today its spelled as Odhisha. I am from a lower mid class family. In my family one elder sister & a younger brother. Both are married. We all are settle at Bangalore. Parents are there in my native. I studied my primary school in Tikrapara M.E. school, high school at Patitapabana Academy and college in Rajendra College. From Childhood I was inclined towards art, culture, music etc. Started my job career in the year of 1997 as a garment sketchman. I was working for the garment industry for 3 years and then shifted to IT industry. Today I am a working as Congnitive Architect in a private firm. Moments are smooth :-)

Nupur: You told from childhood you are artistic, do you remember any incident which unforgettable?
Me: Yeah of course many are there, but few I can share. My father also was a radio artist and he use to be my point of inspiration during my childhood. He used to take me here and there for any kind of function or stage programs were there. Later point of time I also started singing on the stage along with him. My father says, I sang my first stage performance when I was 6 years old.

First incident I can remember, in one of the stage program I sang a song and after that got lots of gifts. Chocolates, books pencils, toys and many things etc. I didn’t understand, why I got gifts. Anyway I was so happy to open all those stuffs. So as a kid I was very very happy getting all those gifts. Later at home I heard from my father telling my mother that I sang very good it was an excellent performance by me on the stage. That point I could realise that I can sing well.

Next incident there was a selection for the 5th international children film festival in our district. It was happening in orrisa in the year 1987. I was in 7th standard that time. I heard from my father and I was so anxious to know what is the event about. Day and night I used to have lots of questions arising in my mind. So the district judge supposed to select 5 school children from whole district. They had cover different area like study, sports, dance, singing, etc. So I had show my talent. Sang a song then he (district judge) wanted me to do something extra. Now its was a big thing or challenge for me to do something and get selected. He gave me 5 mins time to think do something else. Well started hunting for an instrument that I can play. After sometime I got a mud pot and came back to the room. Looking at me the judge stated laughing, but I don’t know it was there in my mind “I have to get selected.” That’s it no other thoughts. It happed so that I closed my eyes and start playing. Within two minutes he came to me and gave big hug. He asked me ”with this simple pot how can you able to play these mane rhythms, who is your teacher?” and I said nobody. That’s how got selected for the festival.

Like that many are there….. its difficult to narrate everything now.

Nupur: You said your father used to be your inspiration point, when you were kid, do you follow anything now that he has said.?
Me: Yeah, One thing I like and always follow in day to day life. “When you get tired and you have to reach certain destination. Start counting 1,2...1,2…1,2 while walking. You will definitely reach to your destination and once you reach there your tiredness just vanish. ” I always follow when I am tired may be it’s a thumb rule for me.

Nupur: That’s really good to know. I think that’s why you rarely get tired, so far I know.
Me: Hahahah…. Mmmm, No not like that I am also a human. I also breathe like you. I do get tired. But actually speaking, most of the time, try to avoid few words which makes me down just like that for no reason. I keep myself engaged at any kind of work, so that I can forget these words. In addition to 1,2...1,2…1,2 now a days I do meditation. Its gives a different kind of energy. Its very difficult to express. Whenever you feel tired, just sit and start taking long deep breath and exhale slowly.

Nupur: Is there any rule for meditation?
Me: Well there is no rule as such. More I have shared in my knowledge sharing section.

Nupur: You said you are into usability profession and current position is Cognitive Architect, What that does mean?
Me: Many people have given many thoughts on usability. But from my experience what I feel is the maximum usage by all type of users is best usability. It can be any product on earth. Another way if you make the product simple, people will be able to use. So I always think the most simple thing Make life easier and usable product. In a simple word the Cognitive process is to know the psychology of the product user. So knowing the users how they use, what is there in their mind, which kind of problem they are facing etc. Many things are there to understand this process. It’s little difficult to explain now. I do classes sometimes in the weekend. You also can join :-)

Nupur: Why did you think about freelancing, are you looking for extra money or are you going to start of your own?
Me: Hmm….. Money is different part all together. Actually learning or gaining knowledge is a never ending process and its there till death, nobody can deny this. If the mind is full then it’s difficult to keep more knowledge on top of it. For ex: if a pot is full and you want to pour more water into it, it will just overflow. You have to take out few mugs of water. So I wanted to share what I have learnt, so that I can keep little more … :-). Secondly if we are working in any firm the domain will be same for a long time. It’s very difficult to get exposed for other type of domain knowledge being in the same firm, different practices to my profession. All these are for my gain. In the other hand lots of people are coming for jobs but they are not getting due to many reasons. I am trying to help by getting them some work and gain some experience.

Career Growth

When I was a kid I was good at music and singing. So had a thought in my mind to go for the musical profession, but time flew and it didn’t happen. Anyways thought I will take the creative profession though I was been told to choose the Medical or engineering profession. I had very less interest in those professions.

Time flew and it was a very difficult to choose a career after graduation. That point of time we use to follow our seniors. Many of our seniors were coming out of my home town to do courses in Telecom, Computer, Fashion, CA, etc. I choose the Textile Design and engineering. Prepared for NIFT and IIFT, two renowned education institutes in Delhi at that time. Passed out of IIFT in 1997 in textile Design and Engineering stream.

After my PG Diploma My first job was in Ludhiana, Punjab, working as a sketcher in a small firm making T-shirts. Worked there for 6-7 months and then got another offer from Pearl Agencies and shifted to Delhi. In 1999 I shifted to Bangalore, India to do my Multimedia and Graphics Designing course.

In Y2K I shifted my profession from Garment/Textile to Information technology. Though it was a big call to shift from one area to another, still did it. I started working on websites, Graphics, Animation in a small firms called VMI Consulting which was bought over by ITTI Pvt. Limited. I worked there for 3 years and joined HUAWEI technologies(Telecom Networking firm) in 2003. Till 2010 I was there with Huawei. During that period my learning and experience took me towards UCD/Usability/UX designing apart from Web and Multimedia. For few months wanted to take a break and started freelancing, researched on Usability / User Experience.

2011 joined Manthan systems(BI Software Development firm) as Cognitive Architect.

2012 joined Ariba Technologies as Sr. Interaction Designer. In 2012 its been aquired by SAP. Currently, working as the Employee of SAP. Visited to US for understanding and improve the UCD process of ariba.

Hobbies & Interest

From the day I could know myself, I keep interest in many things. I look forward to do snything which is challanging. But again my hobbies includes Music composition, singing, painting, writing articles and stories. Anything where creativity is there, I am there.

Professional Profile
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Usability Engineer, having 14+ years of experience having skill of creative, innovative, visualization and Designing and advanced skills includes UX designing and Usability. In detail requirements Gathering, Task flow, Storyboard, Wire-frame, Information Architecture, Lo/High-fidelity prototypes, Interactive Design, Usability Testing, Data Logging, Usability detailed design documentation and Extensive UI/Graphics design. Skilled at delivering high-quality interfaces by applying proven design principles from experiences, learning, industry convention, White papers and scientific research. Considerable experience with Web and Standalone networking applications. Flash demos for products CBTs, Intros, Graphic Designing and Web designing. Self-motivated, Self-learner with Strong communication, Team Management, Designing and Strategic thinking skills. Experienced liaison between development, marketing and human factors.


Curently working at Ariba Technologies (A SAP Company)         Sept 2012 – Present

Website: www.ariba.com

Designation: Sr. Interaction Designer

Ariba Technologies is found in 1996, mostly works on the cloud based ERP solutions. In the month of October it’s been declared as “A SAP Company”.

Products:   Ariba-Spend Analysis, Ariba-Discovery, Ariba-Service and procurement.

Manthan Systems Pvt. Ltd.         Sept 2011 – Aug 2012

Website: www.manthansystems.com

Designation: Cognitive Architect

Manthan Systems is a provider of BI and analytics solutions for the retail and consumer goods industries. Manthan helps retailers capture and process datathat can be leveraged to improve planning, monitor results, analyze and anticipate changes.

Products:   ARC, Merchandise Analytics (Web & iPAD), Supplier Portal & Analytics

Role and Responsibility:
As Cognitive Architect my responsibilities holds bring out creative and innovative thoughts for the products to make it ease of use, effective and efficient. Having UX Designing experience, doing the usability analysis for the products, involving stakeholders in card sorting, task analysis, Lo-Fi Prototype preparation and evaluation, Guide the UI team to prepare the Hi-Fi Prototype.

In points :
• Product understanding with the help of Technical Support, Sales, Dev and testing team
• Product understanding of products
• Evaluate Usability with proxy users
• Task analysis, Card sorting, Competitive Analysis
• Preparation of new approach through Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi prototype
• Evaluation of prototype with the users
• Improving UI/Usability Guideline in the organisation
• Leading a UI team of 12 members
• UI/Usability business plan for coming year

Freelancer - Usability & UI.        Aug 2010 – May 2011
Getting clients from own exclusive network, Interaction with client, Usability Requirement gathering, Creating prototypes (Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi), preparation for UI/Usability and error prevention Guidelines, Heuristic Evaluation, Development of HTML pages using style sheets.

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Wallsys Info Pvt. Ltd.        May 2011 – Aug 2011

Website: www.wallsys.com

Wallsys Info is 5 years firm old based in Bangalore (India). It’s started as a software service provider firm, over a period of time switch to development of products. Currently it’s started its separate entity of partnership with renowned companies like Cisco, Microsoft, ValueFirst, Adobe, Reliance, Quick heal, Feedback Italia etc.

Designation: General Manager

Role and Responsibility:
Being in the role of senior management here my responsibilities holds making the business and growth strategy for Wallsys Info. Looking after the internal management and operational issues. Preparation of Motivation, guidance, plan for the Wallsys’s growth. Being in senior management takes call for getting business for the team through the exclusive network which I have gained from my past experience. Incorporated many best practices from previous experience in Wallsys for effective and very good productivity.

Apart from general management my technical responsibility includes.
• Interaction with the clients for the order
• Preparation of current business and new proposal
• Preparation of Design Strategy
• Usability analysis and Testing
• UX designing
• Wireframe preparation
• Creating Standard UI Flows/Navigation
• Lo-Fi and Hi - Fi prototype design
• Creative GUI/UI design
• Colour theme, Icons, Graphics Preparation

Huawei Technologies Pvt. Ltd.        July 2003 – May 2010

Website:   www.huawei.com

Huawei is a leading telecom solutions provider. Through continuous customer-centric innovation, It has established end-to-end advantages in Telecom Network Infrastructure, Application & Software, Professional Services and Devices. With comprehensive strengths in wire line, wireless and IP technologies, Huawei has gained a leading position in the All-IP convergence age. Its products and solutions have been deployed in over 140 countries and have served 45 of the world's top 50 telecom operators, as well as one third of the world's population.

Designation: Technical/Management Project Leader - GTD

Technical Role: User Interface & Usability Analyst
• Usability Testing
• Preparation of Design Strategy
• UCD plan preparation
• Data logging
• Remote User Testing
• Effective & Efficient Application Design
• Creating Standard UI Flows/Navigation
• Lo-Fi and Hi - Fi prototype design
• Interaction design
• Business Analysis
• Product Design

Management Role: Management
• Business plan preparation
• Understand the business goal of the client
• Project plan preparation in terms of usability
• Work Load and Job allocation for the team members
• Interaction with clients and end users
• Research on new trend of business or methodology on UCD
• Guide the team towards their BP target and reach their goal
• Preparation of Performance appraisal plan for the team member and Execution
• Conducted training for team members
• Lesson learning in team building activity

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Career growth in Huawei

During this period in Huawei, received many spot awards, appreciations from different departments as a creative individual.

2003-2004 Executive- Web Designing
Was Responsible for the GUI design, HTML Prototype with CSS and preparation of UI Specification documents for the Web based products.

2004-2005 Designated as Software Engineer - Web Designing
Recommended by BU head to designate as Software Engineer due to the presentation on UCD to the Sr. Management.

2005-2006 Sr.GUI Designer
Promoted as Sr. GUI designer for initiation of BU’s Intranet and received best innovator of the oraganisation. Apart from GUI and look and feel was responsible for usability analysis and implementation of UCD process for many of the products.

2006-2008 Technical Project Leader
Highly recommended by the head of the BU for the promotion for implementing UCD process in Quality Process in the organization in all BU. Was responsible for standardizing the UCD process in the organization with help of all other PMs. Also Responsible for new products , estimation, job allocation for the team members, team buildings, team motivation etc.

2008-2010 Technical Management Project Leader
Got Promoted as TML for handling a team of 10 members. provided new innovative ideas and new proposals for UCD techniques. Guided the team members whenever required. Team management, usability requirement gathering, coordinate with the leaders of the Development team, job allocation, conduct team building etc. ITTI Pvt. Ltd.        Apr 1999 – June 2003

Website: www.itti.co.in

Designation: Sr. Graphic Designer

: User-Interface Designer
• User requirements collection, task & process flow maps, SRS Review
• Design innovation, standards based on design patterns
• Responsible for the delivery of Flash & HTML banners, e-Newsletters/mailers, Icons, posters
• Redesigned UIs of key functionality driven & transaction based
• Responsible for increasing UCD awareness among the Business& Development teams
• Usability study on final products suggest changes
• Website and intranet design
• UI Design and specification guidelines

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Textile/Garment Designer        (Aug 1997 - Apr-2000)

Was working as a Textile/Knitwear designer for 3 Years in garment Industry. My role includes Creative Colour combo, pattern design, sampling and production support.


Usability Tools: Pidoco (Online prototyping tool-trial version), MS Visio, Corel draw, Illustrator, Datalogger, Websort - (Online Cardsort), Powerpoint, Camtasia, Morae

Web Design: Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression,

Languages : HTML , DHTML, CSS, Javascript (Manipulation), JQuery (Manipulation),

2D Design : Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Illustrator, Corel draw, Illustrator, Icon Maker

Video: Adobe Premier, Pinnacle studio 15, Camtasia Studio

Audio: Sound forge, Cool Edit pro, Nuendo , Fruity Loop

Others: MS office, Lotus Notes

Education and Credentials

High school HSC certification from Patitapabana Academy in the Year 1989
Pre-Degree CHSE certification Rajendra College, Balangir, Orissa, Sambalpur University in the year 1991
Graduation from Rajendra College, Bolangir, Orissa Sambalpur University in the year 1994
Diploma in Textile Designing from IIFT, New Delhi in the year 1997
Advance PG Diploma Arena multimedia, Aptech in the year 2000
Certification Course Art of effective web design and application from HFI in 2006
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Additional Course/Training :
1. Graphic and Industrial Design for effecting packaging (Online),NID
2. Web & Application Design Certified Course by Human Factors International, Mumbai.
3. Easy 4 & Easy 5 conference conducted by Aaron Marcus and Associates, Inc.
4. UCD seminar conducted by Cognizant, Bangalore